Portraits at Home

After photographing my friend in my studio, he invited me to his home to take advantage of the view and the window light. Unfortunately, the day was heavily overcast, but we made the most of it. I supplemented the lackluster window light with a strobe I brought.

When I arrived, my subject was finishing up some baking, so we made a mess in the kitchen before getting to the photography we had planned. We made the best photo of the day before even getting started.

Alan Barnett, NYC portrait photography

Blue on Blue

I offer LinkedIn profile portraits to members of a librarian trade organization. My client arranges the shoots with the librarians, but I don’t meet them beforehand. For this shoot I set up my lighting, wanting to try an intense blue background. In walks my subject wearing the exact same color. We considered making a change but tried the original setup first, and we both liked it.