American Bulldog in Prospect Park

American Bulldog in Prospect Park

It was so hot and humid that evening in Prospect Park that I couldn’t get photos of this beauty with his mouth closed. What you can’t see is that I felt the same way. I hope to get to work with him on another shoot in cooler weather.

American Bulldog in Prospect Park

American Bulldog in Prospect Park

American Bulldog in Prospect Park

American Bulldog in Prospect Park

Alan Barnett, NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

A Boy and His Dog

I recently completed renovating my apartment, and with the new layout and decor, I was considering an experimental photo shoot there to explore its potential as a set for future shoots. I was interested in how my subject, my equipment, and I would fit in the space, and what I could accomplish with window light, studio lights, and a combination of the two. Coincidentally, a model I had worked with before contacted me to suggest we do another shoot. I had seen from his Instagram feed that he just adopted and adorable puppy, and I half-jokingly suggested that he bring his dog to the shoot. It turned into a great success. The apartment, though small, was easy to work in, and the puppy was as well behaved as I could expect a puppy to be when exploring new surroundings, especially with two cats present.

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC portrait photography

NYC pet photography

NYC pet photography

Alan Barnett, NYC portrait photography, NYC pet photography

Lifestyle Photos for a Real Estate Agency

I’ve been doing work for a Queens real estate agency to create photos for their marketing and public relations efforts. I spent a day with them in their Jackson Heights and Long Island City offices making these photos to use on their website and in newsletters. The agents bring their dogs to work with them and the pets are definitely part of the company culture, so one of my objectives was to show that in some of the images.












Introducing Watson and Crick, the Cutest Kittens on the Planet

In September, my 11-year-old cat Valrhona died of lymphoma. I’ve had cats for the past 25 years, and while I couldn’t imagine living without them, I wanted to take some time to enjoy life without scooping litter and fur flying everywhere. That period didn’t last as long as I thought it would, because in November I noticed that I felt sad every time I opened my door and was not greeted by a furry friend.

So it was time to adopt, and I decided that it would take two kittens to fill the hole in my heart left by Valrhona. The previous August, I volunteered to photograph a benefit for the rescue organizations The Toby Project and Animal Haven. Remembering that, I headed downtown to Animal Haven and met a lively litter of seven kittens, eight weeks old. I played with them all and found a strong connection with two of them. Later that afternoon my application was approved, and I brought them home the next day.

Well, I couldn’t have asked for better kittens. They’re very social, and they love meeting new people. Best of all, they sleep all night and don’t get up until I’m ready. They’re challenging to photograph, and I hope to keep trying throughout their lives. We had a short session in the studio and made the rest of the photos at home. After about three weeks of waiting, their names presented themselves. As they were wrestling, they appeared intertwined like a double-helix, and being a science geek since high school, I thought to name then after the Nobel-prize-winning team who discovered the molecular structure of DNA, James Watson and Francis Crick. Watson is the black-and-white male, and Crick is the faux-Siamese female.













Say Goodbye to Valrhona


Eight years ago I rescued the most beautiful cat, who ended up in a shelter after her first owner died. She was three years old. Her color reminded me of delicious chocolate, so I named her Valrhona. I believe in adopting pets who need homes rather than buying from breeders, and with Valrhona, I got the best of both. She had all the qualities you’d expect in a Siamese. She was a truly affectionate and devoted lap cat, marvelously vocal at all the right times, and she came when I called her name.

About six weeks ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma. I brought her to my studio while she was still looking good hoping to preserve her image for my memory. It turned out that she maintained her good looks until her last breath.

Rest in peace, Valrhona.






Benefit for Two Animal Rescue Organizations


Toby’s Public House hosted a benefit in June for two animal humane organizations. The Toby Project (no relation to Toby’s Public House) offers low-cost spay/neuter services, and Animal Haven is a shelter that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the tri-state region. The evening featured an appearance by The Toby Project board member Bernadette Peters.















Man’s Best Friend


Friends of mine, a couple, have three terrific dogs. One of the owners is very proud of his rescued English Foxhound (above right), which he says is an uncommon breed in the United States. They had talked for a long time about having framed photos of their pets to hang in their home.
We originally discussed a complicated indoor photo shoot with lots of lighting, so I was surprised when the project turned into an invitation for a casual dinner with some informal shots of the dogs in the back yard beforehand. It turned out pretty well.

It always surprises me what photos my clients choose versus which I’d choose. The three shots above are my favorites, while those below will be made into gallery wrapped canvases and hung in my friends’ home.