I remember visiting the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park many years ago before it was restored and before I was a photographer. It’s probably the single most recognizable landmark in Queens. I planned to go back with my camera some day, and that finally happened when I got the assignment to photograph it for the cover of a Queens real estate agency brochure. After a discussion with my client, I understood exactly what she wanted, and I got multiple variations of the standard shot from the standard vantage point, the first one below. I spent the next few hours in the park making photos for myself, including the second one below where I sat in a puddle for half an hour waiting for the confluence of golden sunset light and a mother entreating her children to cease splashing in the filthy water. I presented the brochure cover with the shots my client expected but threw in a design with my favorite personal shot. She loved my shot far more than the ones she asked for.











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