I noticed on Facebook that some of my friends who are artists were taking the 3-in-5 art challenge and nominating other friends to do so. It was just a matter of time before I was nominated, and I took a nostalgic journey back to my origin as a photographer. This was my response to the challenge.

My friend Alicia Fox nominated me for the 3-in-5 Art Challenge, where for the next five days I’ll feature three works of art, starting with my earliest work and moving chronologically to the most recent. The challenge includes nominating another artist each day to join, so I’ll start by nominating George Ramirez. These three photos come from the time just before I even considered creating photographic art. I was visiting friends in a picturesque village deep in the French countryside, and there was a lot of time stroll around with my point-and-shoot camera. As an activity unto itself, I found I really enjoyed it, and I thought my carefully composed shots weren’t bad. If I got a more capable camera and took some classes to learn how to use it, I might have a fun new hobby. Who knew that nine years later I’d be a professional photographer!




Day 2 of the 3-in-5 Art Challenge: I enrolled in a digital photography course at International Center of Photography. It turned out that my compositional skills were already in place from having been a designer for many years. All I had to do was to learn to use my camera to express myself and to practice, practice, practice. I was lured to formal compositions of mostly inanimate objects. I got excited about creating art when Alicia Fox likened my work to Ellsworth Kelly. Today I nominate Catherine Huerta to take up the challenge.




Day 3 of the 3-in-5 Art Challenge: I started to lose interest in formal compositions of inanimate objects and instead turned to the never-ending challenge of photographing people. My love for creating art was solidified when the triptych, “Skylight” was included in a student exhibition at International Center of Photography. That was the first of many group shows to include my work. The other two photos were made as assignments for courses at ICP. Today I nominate Steven Rosen to take up the challenge.




Day 4 of the 3-in-5 Art Challenge: I would not have become the art photographer I am without the time I spent in Asbury Park, a diverse and welcoming art community, and a location with many evocative and inspiring people and places to make art with, for, and about. Here, the first two photos were made in Asbury Park; the third is from a nine-hour layover in Paris on a trip to Lyon that was very artistically fruitful. A graphic design client just purchased a 72 x 48 inch print to hang in his office. Today I nominate Kevin Hinkle to take up the challenge.




Day 5 of the 3-in-5 Art Challenge: Here is some of my more recent work. The art photography is taking somewhat of a back seat to paying work, but that makes it even more enjoyable when I get the time to make art for art’s sake. And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve sold “Golden Delicious,” the NYC skyline photo a few times to illustrate client’s publications. It just proves that the best work comes when I’m trying to please no one but myself. And with this final installment, I nominate Rafael Infante to take up the challenge.







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