Danish Modern


Not having photographed furniture,  the setup I had just used for a portrait in my studio the night before was good to shoot these Danish modern chairs from my reception area. I’ve known these chairs all my life. My parents bought them in the 1960s, and I remember one of them in my bedroom when I was in high school. Not a chair for napping, somehow I found a way to doze off in it instead of doing homework. The chairs followed me to my first apartment after college, and then ultimately to my studio reception area.

Until recently, the cushions were upholstered in black vinyl. Apparently my parents felt black would better fit their home decor. The seams finally split from decades of use, and it was time to reupholster the cushions as well as refinish the frames, as the varnish had mostly flaked off. In the photo below, taken probably by my mother or father at my brother’s seventh birthday party, there’s evidence that the original fabric was turquoise.

I gave the reupholstery job to Beckenstein Fabric & Interiors. They helped me find a period turquoise fabric with the updated touch of contrasting piping. The 1960s insides had totally disintegrated, so they recommended all-new foam. The reupholstery was pricy but worth every penny, but that led me to try to refinish the wood frames myself. I had no idea what I was in for, but after hours of heavy sanding to remove the original finish and a dozen cycles of tung oil coats and light sanding, the frames looked pretty good.

Now when visitors enter my studio, they routinely admire the chairs. So I thought it was worth photographing them.



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