More Practice with New Studio Strobes


I invited another friend for a photo shoot with my upgraded lighting. The technique I used for the image above is pretty popular at the moment, and I really like it for its gritty, masculine look. I light the model directly from the sides with just a little fill light from the front. Then I apply my favorite settings in post-processing for the gritty look.




2 thoughts on “More Practice with New Studio Strobes

    • I use Profoto D1 Air, a combination of two 500 watt-second heads and two 1,000 watt-second heads. I positioned two gridded softboxes on either side of the model, about 30 degrees behind him, a hair light from the back, and a bounce umbrella directly above the camera for some front fill light. You can see texture in the background paper because I’m relatively close to it and shooting at f/5.6. I think I might have liked less texture, but my studio space is not large enough to get me and my model far enough back.

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