Fête Paradiso


During my photowalk on Governors Island, I spent a lot of time exploring Fête Paradiso, a festival of vintage Parisian carnival rides. The atmosphere was energetic as children and adults enjoyed the rides, and I got a lot of practice panning my camera to catch subjects in stillness with the background blurred behind them. What struck me the most about the festival was how much fun the children were having on such low-tech rides.













4 thoughts on “Fête Paradiso

  1. Stuart, portraiture was initially a leap out of my comfort zone, too, and it remains uncomfortable at times. That challenge means it never gets boring, and I find I’m a lot less shy when I have my camera with me. I always ask before making a stranger’s portrait, and the worst that can happen is that they’ll say no. If you want to get started, try going to a parade, festival, or other public event where people expect to be photographed. A great technique is to compliment someone on something you like and ask if you can take a photo. For example, “You look great in that hat. May I take your picture?” You can get their email address and offer to send them a copy.

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