Day 2 on Braking AIDS Ride


Day 2 on Braking AIDS Ride was greeted with spectacular weather that lasted all day. You’ll notice riders and crew wearing red dresses in these photos, because it’s “Red Dress Day.” The tradition started on AIDS LifeCycle, the seven-day AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was someone’s idea that everyone should “dress red” for a day so that on a portion of the route that looped back on itself there would appear to be a giant AIDS ribbon if viewed from above. Somehow “dress red” got reversed to “red dress” and has remained that way ever since. Braking AIDS Ride picked up the tradition in 2010, and everyone outdid themselves this year. I admit I looked rather fetching in a red halter top dress purchased from the Housing Works thrift shop (size 10, I’m proud to say!).

At lunch, a rider suggested the idea of gathering other riders and crew dressed in red to form a human AIDS ribbon for me to photograph. I was up to the challenge and agreed if he would be able to assemble the participants. It worked and it was a lot of fun. I hope to make a tradition of it in years to come, and maybe it will become so large that we’ll have to rent a helicopter to shoot from.

Click here to see the photo galleries for the entire event.

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