Seaside Heights Photowalk


For a long time I had wanted to visit Seaside Heights, New Jersey, for a photowalk. With a Sunday ahead of me with no plans, I arranged to meet a photographer friend for an outing, and we agreed to go very early for the morning light. The weather turned out to be heavily overcast, and when we arrived around 8:00 a.m., there was no activity on the boardwalk except for some runners and cyclists. So I reconnected with my old style of photographing interesting details. I learned that I didn’t regret leaving that type of photography behind to develop other tastes. It started to get exciting as the arcades began to open and more people filled the boardwalk, but already four hours into it, my friend and I were ready to leave. I hope to return on my own sometime, much later in the day, when the activity is in full swing. Then I’ll get to make more photos like the first and last ones in this post.

Note: This post was photographed, written, and queued for publication before the the September 12 fire that destroyed 50 businesses on the boardwalk.











3 thoughts on “Seaside Heights Photowalk

    • Glad you like the photos. The sad part is that as the area was still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, most of the fair burned down a few weeks ago. Perhaps I’ll return in a few years to see what the modern recreation is like, assuming they rebuild it. I enjoyed seeing your fun fair photos on your blog. The creepy feeling is palpable.

      • Hi Alan…
        I’ve spent the last couple of hours deep in thought about a levitation image…..
        If, (by any slim chance), it comes off, I’ll be sure to post it…..
        That’s whats so good about blog sharing, you’re never short of inspiration!

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