20th Anniversary Portraits


A couple asked me to make individual portraits for business purposes and some couple portraits to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They didn’t want a studio background, so we decided to shoot in their home, which was under renovation. They had nearly finished the living room, and without furniture it was a nice large space to work in. But the environment was void of good details. We quickly accessorized the mantle with vases, candlesticks, and art, and blurred in the background of a tight shot, the composition is more interesting. The lighting was simple and easy to set up. I knew in advance that the ceiling was white and the walls light gray. I brought three Speedlites and simply bounced them off the walls behind me and to the side.

When we finished in the living room, we went outside to make some portraits in front of their house. I mixed the ambient light in the background with a Speedlite on the couple at camera left.








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