Lost at Sea: The Sand Blast Weekend Kickoff Party


Sand Blast Weekend’s kickoff party began Friday evening with cocktails and mingling at the bar on the north side of Convention Hall overlooking the ocean and the dance floor for the next day’s main event. After a few hours, the activities moved inside and expanded into a huge dance party. Both at the bar and inside Convention Hall, the constantly changing LED lighting presented a huge challenge. I had to do a lot of custom color balancing during post-processing for each image. Luckily, there was at least one person wearing something white in every photo for me to use as a neutral target. Sometimes it was a white t-shirt or shorts. Other times I had to hunt for the smallest patch of white, like an exposed underwear waistband.

Click here to visit the photo galleries of the entire Sand Blast Weekend. Prints, downloads, and products are available for purchase.












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