Raising Funds for the Hebrew Free Loan Society


Every year, I design the buck slip that the Hebrew Free Loan Society includes in its spring fundraising appeal. The buck slip presents profiles on two borrowers who receive interest-free loans from the Society. Having nothing to illustrate the profiles, the Society asked me to provide the photography as well as the design.

The couple who received the Hurricane Sandy disaster relief loan agreed to be photographed, so I went to their home in Staten Island for a portrait session. That one was easy. The challenge was how to illustrate the profile on the recipient of the microenterprise loan. As a member of the Haredi community, the business owner was not willing to be photographed. So I suggested to my client that I photograph her products instead. A few days later, five skirts showed up at my studio. The set is pictured below. If I photographed the skirts flat on the floor, they wouldn’t have draped well, so I suspended them from a pole with thread and lit the background to blow it out to pure white. In post-processing I retouched out the threads and added a drop shadow for depth.






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