Family Portrait with Pet


A rider in Braking AIDS Ride, which I photograph each September, hired me to make family portraits of his cousin and his cousin’s partner as a gift to the couple. I think a portrait session is a great gift idea! I knew the portrait would include their dog, but we had to have a discussion about whether the session would be in a natural environment or the studio. They chose the studio. The humans behaved well. Working with the dog could have been frustrating, but I actually had a lot of fun. She was rather old and losing her sight and hearing. She often wandered off the set and didn’t hear us calling her back, so we had to run after her, scoop her up, and return with her. Since she couldn’t see well, as she wandered she sometimes ran into light stands but kept going, moving the lights across the floor. Our laughter made for great smiles in the photos.






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