Spring Speakers Forum with Hilary Mason


In June I photographed the Metropolitan New York Library Council’s Spring Speakers Forum. Hilary Mason, chief scientist at bitly, addressed the library community, speaking about innovation, data-driven decision making, access and discovery, and other areas of opportunity for libraries at the intersection of data and technology. In addition to her work at bitly, Mason is also a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Technology and Innovation Advisory Council, co-organizer of DataGotham, and the co-founder of hackNY.

The forum, held in Scholastic’s main auditorium, was preceded by a tour of their library and archives. The subterranean archives were lit by fluorescent lights, and I found my flash to be relatively ineffective in the tight spaces with stacks of books casting shadows from the strobe. So I photographed mainly without flash at a high ISO. The auditorium was far larger than the number of attendees, and they sat spread throughout the entire room. I was able to make a few clusters of people look like the forum was full, but mainly I focused on expressions and gestures of individuals.












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