Braking AIDS Training Ride


Every year at the end of September, I volunteer to photograph Braking AIDS Ride, the 285-mile fundraising ride from Boston to New York to benefit Housing Works. On a recent Saturday, they hosted a 45-mile, round-trip training ride from downtown New York City to Piermont, NY. I volunteered at the the rest stop at Allison Park in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, to make portraits of the riders to use as profile pictures for fundraising on their social networks.

The park has a stunning backdrop of upper Manhattan and the George Washington Bridge. There was a threat of rain during the entire ride, but it held out. The clouds and fog lent a moody atmosphere that I actually like, and I was able to combine the ambient light with my flash. My original plan was to bring some pretty complex lighting to set up an outdoor studio, but with the weather forecast, I trimmed down to just two Speedlites. For my main light, I clipped one to an observation binocular to camera left. I mounted the second one to my camera’s hot shoe as a fill light.












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