Put Your Seat Backs and Tray Tables in Their Upright and Locked Position


In all my years of traveling by plane, I was surprised to think that I never made a photograph of my view out the window. I always select a window seat and get transfixed by the sights. I particularly love takeoff and landing, but I also enjoy seeing the patchwork of terrain from cruising altitude on a cloudless day. On a recent trip to Florida, I didn’t plan to shoot through the window, but it occurred to me to try as I put my camera bag in the overhead bin. I quickly grabbed my Canon G10 and shot during takeoff and landing on the flight from Newark to Ft. Lauderdale. It worked pretty well. A few days later on the return flight, I planned to photograph on takeoff and landing, so I prepared my Canon 5D Mark II and my 50 mm lens. That lens is the smallest I have, so I was able to get my camera close to the window without too much contortion in the cramped seats. The irony was that there were ads and signs all over with the airline congratulating themselves on how much legroom they provide. They blatantly lie.










One thought on “Put Your Seat Backs and Tray Tables in Their Upright and Locked Position

  1. Some lovely shots out of a plane window. The world looks so good from the air. I have only ever taken photos from a plane once, back in the 1980s, on a short hop from England to Ireland, but it was in a 35 year old turbo-prop plane. This is the second post on the same subject I have seen recently – now I will have to dig the scans out an put them up I think. đŸ™‚

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