The Detour


I photographed the dress rehearsal of “The Detour,” Owen Davis’s 1921 play at Metropolitan Playhouse. According to the theater’s website, the play is “…a story of dreams chased, abandoned, renewed. In a 1922 agrarian backwater, Helen Hardy dreams of glory–not for herself, but for her promising young artist daughter. Helen’s husband dreams of buying more land, while Kate’s would be fiancé dreams of getting out of the dirt and in on the ground floor of the automobile craze. But what, exactly, does Kate dream for herself? In this stirring and simple tale, “The Detour” plumbs deeply cherished American visions of prosperity: a better life for our children, a growing homestead, a thriving modern business. In this case, romances of the past bear a heavily mortgaged future, but in its conflicted and truthful way, the play celebrates the extraordinary ambitions of ordinary people.”

The theater was very small, and in order not to disturb the rehearsal, it was impossible to move around. I made all the photos from my seat in the front row. Everything about the production–the acting, the sets, the costumes, the lighting–was excellent, and I tried hard to enjoy the play while photographing it at the same time.


John Ottavino and Michelle Eugene

Rowan Michael Meyer and Alex Trow


Michelle Eugene and Alex Trow


Alex Trow


Michelle Eugene, Alex Trow, and Rowan Michael Meyer


Rowan Michael Meyer


Rowan Michael Meyer and Alex Trow


Rowan Michael Meyer and Alex Trow


Rowan Michael Meyer and John Ottavino


Alex Trow and Michelle Eugene


Michele Eugene


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