Photography Adds Value in Selling Real Estate


I enjoy working with an interior designer to photograph her completed projects for her portfolio. My experience translates well into photographing for real estate purposes, and so I was interested in an article that ran in The Wall Street Journal reporting that adding at least one photo to a residential real estate listing increases the final sale price by up to 3.9 percent. The article detailed a study by Ken H. Johnson, an associate professor of finance at Florida International University’s Hollo School of Real Estate.

While the study didn’t differentiate between professional photos and amateur shots, Johnson says he thinks professionally shot photos are much more effective. Evidence to support this comes in David Blackmon’s comment to the online version of the article:

“This piece reinforces what pro real estate photographers already know. The dividing line is around $300,000. But I believe that even houses below that line will sell for more. What obscures the data is that so many houses under 300k get shot by realtors who don’t know what good real estate photography is — dragging the under $300k average down further. One message is clear to me. If you are selling a house for more than $300k, get a pro. You will make more than the pittance you spend.”

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