Remember the Alamo. And Remember Daylight Saving Time.

I spent a day in San Antonio, Texas, on either side of photographing the Walk to Action. (Read my previous post on photographing the walk.) I spent much of the day before the walk preparing with my client, including a drive-through of the route to plan the best spots for photos. I made a few shots of potentially good locations to plan the angles and assess the lighting. During the walk I was really busy shooting the action, but I had some moments waiting for the walkers to approach, and I took the opportunity to shoot a few interesting scenes. Finally, on the third day I played tourist, and I learned a great lesson.

The closing ceremony for the walk was held in front of the Alamo. At 5:30 p.m. the golden light evenly covered the entire facade, and it was beautiful. With the weather forecast for clear skies the following day, I planned to return at the same time to make some carefully considered photos. But I forgot to consider daylight saving time. The clocks turned back an hour the night before, so by arriving at 5:30 I was an hour late for the golden light. So you’ll see no photos of the Alamo among the ones I share here.



One thought on “Remember the Alamo. And Remember Daylight Saving Time.

  1. Wow Alan! The Alamo has never been recalled with such fondness!
    What lovely photographs. The super-rich color saturation has taken the blandness right out of my day.

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