Portraits of a Psychotherapist

I recently made photographs of a psychiatrist for him to use as a profile picture on professional websites. He was very pleased with his portrait and referred a colleague to me. My new client works both for a major hospital and in his own private practice. He needed two portraits, one for each use. For the hospital website, he wanted a professional-looking studio portrait, and for his private practice, he wanted to appear a little more casual and approachable, yet still professional.

The original plan was to start by shooting the casual portrait outdoors in a nearby park, but the timing worked against us. My client showed me a photo he admired of another doctor shot in his office with a neat and orderly environment blurred behind him. My studio doesn’t have a setting like that, and I’ve learned that no matter how much you blur a background, an inappropriate background still photographs inappropriately. But my client admired the scene across the street through the window. So I sat him down in front of the window and opened it wide to remove any glass that would reflect the strobes. We worked fast as dusk was quickly turning into night. He loved the golden glow above his head. I’ll probably never be able to achieve this again, since it was from tungsten work lamps during a construction project in an office across the street. I don’t expect the finished office to be lit with the same lights.


2 thoughts on “Portraits of a Psychotherapist

  1. Wow! These awesome photographs assure us that the doctor is wise, warm, successful, trustworthy and clinically- savvy. And the lovely bokeh in the second photo confirms that he he graduated top-of-his-class too.

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