A Day at the Beach in Asbury Park

Whenever I enjoy a day at the the beach, I take just one camera and lens with me. Too much equipment gets in the way, and I’d hate to change lenses with all the wind and sand. But I always wish I had the other camera and lens with me. This day was no different. I normally shoot wider at the beach (or closer to my subjects), but I decided to use my Canon 7D and 70-200 mm lens for an effective focal length of  112-320 mm. My objective was to stay in my chair and photograph people from a distance. But I couldn’t sit still and ended up taking long walks. I was rewarded with a huge variety of photo opportunities.

My long lens was perfect for photographing some surfers and for getting my subjects in sharp focus with soft backgrounds. It wasn’t ideal for the panorama above, but I’m reasonably pleased with it, and it was good practice for going back someday with the equipment and a plan to make it spectacular. I shot 14 photos, handheld, and stitched them together. At print resolution, it would be 64 inches (163 cm) wide!

Stay tuned for my next post, where I actually asked some strangers to pose for me.



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