Head Shots and Family Portraits

A Tony Award winning costume designer asked me to make an updated head shot for playbills and other uses. He invited me to work with him one morning in his home. We tested a few locations around the house and thought that the backgrounds were too distracting, so we decided to make a studio in the living room. We cleared out some furniture, and then we took a curtain from a window and taped it to a wall after removing a painting that had been hanging there. I had two strobes with me, so I set up one in a softbox at camera right with a reflector opposite it. As a hairlight, I clamped the second strobe with a grid attached to the top of a door frame at camera left.

While I was setting up the studio, my client asked if I would take some family portraits afterwards. When we were satisfied with our head shots, we went into the back yard where I combined daylight with some fill flash to make some nice shots of the multi-species family.


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