A Day at Plymouth Church: Upstairs at the Underground Thrift Store

The final post in this series introduces The Underground Thrift Store at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights. Though the store is located upstairs in a loft overlooking the gymnasium, the name “The Underground Thrift Store” comes from Plymouth’s rich history as a stop on the underground railroad during the days of American slavery. The association doesn’t stop there, as a portion of the store’s proceeds benefits organizations that fight modern slavery and human trafficking.

Located in Brooklyn Heights at 65 Hicks Street, the store sells donated designer clothing, quality children’s wear, shoes and accessories, plus high-end housewares. The store was full of shoppers after the conclusion of the annual barbecue. Now that the store is underway and gaining traction, my client needed photos to market it.

The huge window at the top of the stairs and the gymnasium’s skylights flooded the store with mid-afternoon light, and I used it exclusively without adding flash. I shot on a tripod at a low ISO, sometimes with a shutter speed long enough to blur the shoppers slightly for a look of great activity. The biggest challenge was photographing the flag at the street entrance to the store. No matter what we did, the wind took the flag in the wrong direction. For the successful shot below, my client rotated the flag into position and ran away fast enough for me to shoot it before it blew backwards.

Posts in the series “A Day at Plymouth Church”:
1. Sunday School
2. Annual Barbecue
3. Children Take Center Stage
4. Upstairs at the Underground Thrift Store


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