A Day at Plymouth Church: Children Take Center Stage

The third post in my series on my day of photographing Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights focuses on the children. I’ve discovered through working with Plymouth over the years that I love photographing kids. They’re a huge challenge since they’re constantly moving and they don’t take posing instructions well, but they’re so free with their emotions and have few inhibitions in front of the camera.

In most of these photos from the annual barbecue, the children were aware that I was photographing them, and they were willing to smile and pose, sometimes to the point where it got in the way. But it was gratifying to work with them up close instead of having to try to ambush them from afar with a long lens.

The festive atmosphere of the barbecue combined with the great weather and the children being able to play with their friends while eating hot dogs and ice cream created beautiful moments for me to photograph. Some of these children have been with Plymouth as long as I’ve been working with the church, and it’s terrific to watch them grow.

Posts in the series “A Day at Plymouth Church”:
1. Sunday School
2. Annual Barbecue
3. Children Take Center Stage
4. Upstairs at the Underground Thrift Store


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