A Day at Plymouth Church: Sunday School

This is the first post in a four-part series about a day I spent photographing the activities at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights. The church’s director of communication needed updated photos for the website and various print materials. Luckily for me as a photographer, children grow up, members come and go, and the church continually adds new and innovative programs. There is an ongoing need for fresh photos. The director of communication worked beside me all day, and determined that we needed photos of DiscoveryLand Sunday school, the annual barbecue, the new thrift store, and a few others.

Before Sunday school started, we tried to photograph two scenes. The two photos directly above and below are the best our failed attempts. The annual barbecue followed the regular Sunday service, so we expected a large congregation. My client wanted a wide-angle shot of crowds of people entering the church to show the wonderful sense of community at Plymouth. So I staked out on a tall ladder across the street and waited. And waited. And waited. Normally, everyone enters the church through the main doors to the sanctuary. As luck would have it, that day they entered from the other side. Before we realized this, I passed the time photographing two teenage ushers and their mother in the doorway (above).

Next we went to the arcade between the sanctuary and the church house to shoot the barrage of children and adults exiting after the service. If I had more time to prepare, I may have done better, but as I was almost done setting up, the children rushed passed me, and it was over in an instant (below).

I did much better in DiscoveryLand Sunday school, where in one room older children read and discussed Bible stories, and in another room younger children made necklaces from Cheerios and listened to stories read by adults.

Posts in the series “A Day at Plymouth Church”:
1. Sunday School
2. Annual Barbecue
3. Children Take Center Stage
4. Upstairs at the Underground Thrift Store



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