Taking Flight

As if photographing the Sand Blast Beach Party wasn’t enough excitement for me, I was transfixed by the performance of the Elite Trampoline Academy on the beach in front of the dance floor. Three olympic hopefuls dazzled the partygoers with their aerial acrobatics. I remember that as a child I wanted a trampoline so badly that I broke my bed from jumping on it. Now I know I can live out my childhood fantasy, because the Elite Trampoline Academy is not far from Asbury Park. I hope to visit soon for a lesson.

Making these photos was challenging and fun. I don’t know which I like better, the photos with architecture or horizon in them to give a sense of height, or the ones where the gymnasts seem to float effortlessly in the sky.

Click here to see the full Sand Blast Weekend 2012 photo galleries.

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Taking Flight

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