Sand Blast Beach Party

I was out pretty late on Friday night photographing the Lost at Sea Kickoff Party to Sand Blast Weekend, so I slept a little late Saturday morning to recharge for the weekend’s main event, the Sand Blast Beach Party. The party took over the Aqua Bar and Sunset Beach, where a fabulous dance floor was erected right on the sand. The energy got really high with terrific DJs, dancers, and an appearance by Asbury Park’s mascott, Tillie. I understand that the person in the costume is a 70-year-old woman who has been appearing as Tillie for years.

The weather was perfect and the party went off without a hitch. The only glitch was that one of my two cameras malfunctioned. I was no longer able to decide on the fly whether to shoot wide angle or telephoto. Instead I had to shoot a series of one type of photo and then switch lenses to shoot another type. Each time I switched lenses, I went into the bar to avoid getting sand into my camera. It turned out that the different way of thinking about photographing an event with one camera and multiple lenses was refreshing, and I think the challenge of switching my thinking may have informed the photos a little.

Click here to see the full Sand Blast Weekend 2012 photo galleries.

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