Personalities of the Pennsylvania Environment Ride

In my previous post in this series, I mentioned that each rest stop, or “oasis,” on the Pennsylvania Environment Ride featured a fun theme, courtesy of the crew team running the oasis. I had a lot of fun photographing their creativity. The crew was busy caring for the riders, but I was able to get a few moments alone with them to capture their antics.

The theme in the photo above was “spa,” beautifully accomplished with towels and mud masks. For the next oasis this duo was in charge of, they dressed up as bunches of grapes made from balloons.

The other oasis team lost all its inhibitions and got rather risqué. First, they dressed as woodland sprites in an attempt to make a connection with the environmental theme of the ride. Next, they posed as “Adam and Steve.” I heard they had planned this for the oasis at the Ephrata Cloister, but luckily they didn’t get it together in time. That might have gotten us kicked out. Finally, they played the roles of farmers. Overall, they were a big hit with the riders, who were motivated to make it from oasis to oasis to see if their next costumes were as creative as the previous ones.

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