Photographing DJ’s Delights in Asbury Park

After photographing portraits of 12 real estate agents in Asbury Park, New Jersey, my client and I had lunch at DJ’s Delights. My client is friendly with DJ, and he introduced me as his photographer, and we chatted briefly about how well the photo shoot had gone at the real estate agency. Coincidentally, DJ needed photos of the facade of his deli and restaurant for the new website he was about to launch, and he hired me on the spot. I returned a few days later on Sunday morning when we knew that the architecture would be in open shade and there would be no cars parked in front.

DJ and I worked together to style the environment by removing benches on the sidewalk and to get the best angles in the two shots so they would fit the space available on the website. The shoot went smoothly, and I needed to do only a little retouching on the deli photo to remove cracks in the plaster and hardware from a former awning. On the restaurant photo, I used my polarizing filter to reduce the reflection in the window, but it didn’t help much. Though the facade was in shade, the environment in front of it was brightly lit, and it reflected so much in the window that it was hard to read the restaurant’s logo. So I darkened the window but preserved the brightness of the logo, and the resulting contrast worked well.



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