Real Estate Agency Photography in Asbury Park

Vail Realty in Asbury Park, New Jersey, is a successful new real estate agency that needed to project a more professional look through the agent photos on their website and in their print advertisements. Previously, each agent provided his or her own photo, and there was a mix of professional head shots and homemade snapshots, all with different wardrobe styles, lighting, and backgrounds. I presented the job I did for the Metropolitan New York Library Council, where I set up a studio in their office and made consistent portraits of the staff (click here to read that post). They liked the idea, and we discussed using a neutral gray background that wouldn’t clash with their bright green identity color.

Half of the large, ground-floor office was a huge open space that made an ideal studio. The other half, where the agents worked, had floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides. The natural light that flooded in was perfect for the group portrait above. Below is a sample of the 12 agents I photographed that day. And below that is an example of the retouching I did to make the agents look their best.

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