Tuesdays @ 4

I was asked by the NYU School of Medicine’s Master Scholars Program in Medical Humanism to photograph a performance of Tuesdays @ 4 and the reception that followed. Tuesdays @ 4 is an intergenerational class at Brookdale Senior Living / The Hallmark Battery Park City, an assisted living center in Manhattan. It brings the generations together through various forms of dance, art, poetry, improvisation, and music, inspired by stories and personal experiences. Many of the participants are in their 80s and 90s, and the oldest and one of the liveliest is 101!

Watching these seniors perform was joyful and inspiring. There was a great feeling of freedom, even though many needed the help of walkers and wheelchairs. With no judgement, it didn’t matter. I hope I can grow old as gracefully and that there will be similar programs to help me experience all life has to offer.

The stage was dominated by an immense floor-to-ceiling movie screen which made a stark white background when I cropped in close. It was like being in a giant studio with a cyclorama. Shooting at f/2.8 with a high ISO allowed me to capture all the action.


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