Citymeals-on-Wheels Recipient

My newest client is Citymeals-on-Wheels, an organization that provides 1.8 million meals to over 16,500 elderly New Yorkers each year. I was asked to photograph a meal recipient in her home to be used as an example of the people the organization serves.

I arrived at the recipient’s home with my client, and out of respect for our model’s generosity with her time, we tried to shoot as quickly as possible. I wish we could have taken more time, as the recipient was a fascinating woman with many stories to tell. I’d like to have gotten to know her more, and that could have made the photos even better.

Our intention was to make a close-up portrait, but upon entering the home, it was obvious that our model was a passionate musician. Classical music was playing on the stereo, music books and sheet music were on the bookshelves, posters announcing her past performances were on the walls, and a baby grand piano took center stage in her living room illuminated by beautiful mid-afternoon light diffusing through the curtains. I was eager to make an environmental portrait, and she indulged me.

I supplemented the room light with some fill flash to eliminate some shadows and add some pop to the model’s eyes. While she was a little bit camera shy, she was gracious and cooperative, and together we got some great photos.

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