Metropolitan New York Library Council Annual Meeting

In October I photographed the annual meeting of the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), held at the Katie Murphy Ampitheatre at Fashion Institute of Technology. The event featured nine speakers. There was a platform in the back designed for photography and video, but I didn’t want the same angle on every speaker, so I moved constantly throughout the auditorium, trying to remain inconspicuous.

Working with the lighting was a huge challenge. The light was dark and very warm. Since the light was constant throughout the space, I thought to set a custom white balance in my camera. Of course, I didn’t have a gray card with me. Then I remembered that my lens cloth is 18 percent gray just for this purpose. I tried it for the first time and it worked! I solved the low light issue by shooting at ISO 3200 and cleaning up noise later in Lightroom.

The reception that followed the meeting had different light in every area of the room, so I reset my camera to automatic white balance and shot with my strobe in ETTL mode and my camera in aperture priority at f/4.


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