Cafe Volan in Asbury Park

At last, Asbury Park has a coffee shop worth spending time in, for the personality of its owners as much as the quality of their service, the coffee they serve, and the laid back, creative atmosphere. Open only about eight weeks, I visited with a friend who highly recommended it. I had my camera with me, and the owners, Doug Parent (left) and Paul Cali (right) were gracious enough to pose for an environmental portrait. The entire front of the cafe is north-facing, floor-to-ceiling windows, and during a severe rainstorm, a beautiful, soft, diffused, directional light poured in to brighten the space. I was able to shoot without flash, using just the natural window light supplemented with some overhead light from the ceiling fixtures. I hope to visit again and again for great coffee, conversation, and of course more photos.

Cafe Volan
510 Bangs Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07712


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