A Day in Lyon

This third post in a five-part series on my recent trip to France.

My friends live in a suburb of Lyon, which is the second or third largest city in France, depending on whom you ask. We took a day to explore the city, which is full of monuments, churches, great cuisine, and rich history. Two rivers run through the city, the Rhône and the Saône, so there are beautiful views of picturesque bridges. The city is dominated by the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, high on a hill overlooking a vast landscape. Bright, hazy light on the afternoon we climbed the hill to the basilica rendered my photos of the vista rather uninteresting, even though I tried stitching multiple shots together into a panorama. I made much more interesting photos inside the church and after sunset.

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière from below. While there’s a funicular railway available to visit the church, we opted to climb the hill for rewarding views along the way.

Inside the basilica. Ornate mosaics and gorgeous stained glass make a beautiful atmosphere. This is a single image that I developed at multiple exposures and processed as HDR (high dynamic range) to bring out detail both in the brightest stained glass and the darkest shadows.

A detail inside the basilica, also processed as HDR.

At the entrance to the lower sanctuary. I found the backlit silhouette and the symmetry to be worthy of a photo. There was a sign in the foreground that my friend was willing to remove for me. Of course we returned it to its position afterward.

Guignol, the famous star of the puppet show that bears his name, was born in Lyon.

The praline is a specialty in Lyon. It’s totally unlike the southern American praline I know.

The gateway to a high school for girls looked striking to me at night.

A beautiful nighttime view along the Rhône as we returned to our car. I wish I had my tripod so I could have made a longer exposure which would have resulted in water as smooth as glass.

My final shot. Farewell, Lyon!

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