Photos for an Interior Design Portfolio

I did another photo shoot of a completed project for Michele Green Design. A talented interior designer, Michele asked me to make the photos for her portfolio. You can see the previous work I’ve done for Michele in my blog posts of September 20, 2010 and August 26, 2010.

This time, I had some new equipment in my camera bag, and that helped me add some extra nuance to my interior photography lighting. Previously I had been controlling my lights with an infrared transmitter that requires line of sight between the camera and the strobes. Therefore I couldn’t place my lights behind the camera, in another room, or far away. I now have a radio control system that eliminates all these problems. The best example of how I used it is in the photo directly below. When photographing the foyer, the hallway on the right was dark, and that detracted from the image. I was able to light the hallway while there was a wall between the camera and the strobe.

The other challenge was photographing the powder room (final photo in this post). The 24mm tilt-shift lens that I planned to use for the entire shoot wasn’t even wide enough. So I switched to my 16-35mm lens which was just wide enough for the job. I was barely able to cram myself into the tiny room with my camera/tripod, laptop computer, and a single light stand with a strobe. We had to close the door since what was outside was distracting. I was wearing black that day, and I noticed that if you looked carefully, you could see me clearly in the “knuckles” on the vanity legs. So I draped myself in extra white towels to minimize the dark reflection. It actually worked!


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