Pet Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing two lively Italian Greyhounds and their owners in my studio. The plan was to photograph just the dogs alone and together, but toward the end of the shoot the owners decided they wanted a family portrait. Luckily the dogs were small, so there was room for everyone in front of the seamless. The owners wanted the photos in black-and-white, which was perfect for the dogs.

Pet photography is most successful when the camera is level with the pets. I spent most of the shoot on the floor on my belly while the owners tried to keep them in place with toys and treats. I feared that a lighting setup with lights on stands would get in my way lying on the floor and could be a tripping hazard for everyone involved. Instead I set up a 6-foot x 3-foot white reflector horizontally on the floor behind me and aimed two remote-controlled Speedlites at it. This flooded the set with even light that matched the exuberant mood of the dogs.


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