A Day of Festivals

A Sunday in Asbury Park with not much to do is a perfect day for a photowalk. On this day, the weather was beautiful, and I had no idea what was in store, which makes for a perfect photography expedition. It turned out that there were festivals all over town.

First, I happened upon a yoga festival on the boardwalk (photo above), where I heard that they were trying for a Guinness record for the most yoga mats on a boardwalk, or the most consecutive sun salutations, or something equally as stupid for a world record.

As the yoga event was winding down, hundreds of well-dressed people spilled out of the Paramount Theatre, and among them were clergy in opulent frocks. I learned that this was the annual Greek festival. His Eminence, the archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in New Jersey was on hand to throw a cross into the ocean, and children from churches all over the state ran into the waves to retrieve it. The one who gets the cross is said to bring blessing to his/her church. I wonder how that makes all the other churches feel. No matter, every child received a trophy that afternoon.

When it was all over, I started on my way home, but was delayed another hour when I happened upon a Latino festival in Sunset Park. It’s amazing what happens at an event like this when you have a camera with a big lens. It seemed that everyone assumed I worked for the press, and they were willing to pose. I had a great time, and I think I got some great photos, despite the glaring, overhead afternoon light.


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