Interior Design Photography, Round 2

My second try at interior photography was successful (see my first blog post here). This time the challenge was greater in photographing an entire house in Westchester. Michele Green of Michele Green Design (pictured in the portrait above) is the mastermind behind the decor. She commissioned me to photograph her work for her forthcoming online portfolio and to use in promotional materials for her successful interior design business.

This time I came armed with a rented tilt-shift lens and large diffusers, reflectors, and flags (light blockers) to manage the light from the windows. The lens allowed me to keep the walls parallel, avoiding the need to fix them in post-processing. And perhaps the coolest thing was being able to photograph mirrors without seeing my reflection in them. In the last photo of the foyer below, I set the camera up to the left of, and out of sight of, the mirror. I was able to shift the lens to the right without moving the camera, so the photo looks as if it were taken from straight in front of the mirror.

And for the first time I shot tethered, meaning that I wired the camera directly to my laptop so we could evaluate the photos on the large screen instead of on the LCD on the back of the camera. Being able to check the details this way helped us shoot much faster, since we could see all the details and fix them before making the shot.

The best part of the shoot was working with Michele. She has an amazing sense of style and an equally amazing sense of humor. We agreed on every decision that had to be made, valued each other’s opinions, and by the end of the first day of the two-day shoot we were finishing each other’s sentences.

Living Room

Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Living Room Vignette


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