Photographer Harvey Stein

© Harvey Stein

One of my favorite classes at International Center of Photography was “The Portrait and the Landscape,” taught by Harvey Stein. Harvey is a wonderful photographer, an amazing teacher, and a great inspiration to me. He works in long-term projects, and has published many books during his long career. He was recently interviewed by Robert Schaefer, Jr. for the online magazine Digital Photographer. It’s a very good interview which I recommend you read for a deep insight into the career of an accomplished fine art photographer. If you have about half an hour to spare, he covers many of the same topics in this video interview as part of the B&H Photo series “Real Exposures.”

The highlight of my class with Harvey was a field trip to Coney Island. Harvey has been photographing the people and the place for 40 years, and is about to publish a book of photographs on that entire span of time. It promises to be an amazing document of of a place that has been constantly changing. I think his insight into working with the Coney Island community really informed my photography that day, and I think it was one my most productive days of getting great photos. My favorites from that field trip are below.


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