Vanished Asbury

I’m pleased to have two works included in “Vanished Asbury,” an exhibition of images of Asbury Park’s recently lost architectural treasures. Please join me at the opening:

June 19, 2010, 6-9 p.m.
Heaven Arts and Antiques
721  Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ

When I made the two photos below, I didn’t realize I’d be helping to preserve the memory of a beloved building that would soon be demolished. Read about the history of the Charms Building here.

I actually didn’t know anything about the building until its demolition, when it was highlighted in the local media. It seemed pretty special, but it had deteriorated to far too be restored. A few years earlier, I was drawn to the decaying tavern lettering, and due to the fence around the crumbling building, the only angle I could get with the lens I had was the one you see in the photo. Luckily the angle makes it an interesting composition. Soon after I made the photo, the sign was removed. The next winter I was out after a light snowstorm with my camera. I had hoped for more snow, as I wanted to capture some photos that are more rare due to being out in bad weather. I think it turned out that the light dusting of snow, with the grass poking through, made the scene more interesting than if there had been heavy snow. The desolate street and the moody sky seem to predict the building’s fate.


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