Plymouth Children

Last week I had the pleasure of completing the first of two photo shoots to document life at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn Heights. The church will use the photos on their website and in upcoming promotional pieces. During this shoot I photographed some church staff, a senior luncheon, and children’s activities in the playground. The slideshow below has outtakes of my time with the children, which I found to be the most challenging and fun part of the shoot. It was a beautiful spring day and the children were bouncing with energy. The few shy kids came around quickly when they saw the others enjoying the attention of the camera. When one girl showed me her first adult tooth, everyone else in the group wanted me to photograph theirs. The one time I got to be completely invisible was in a corner of the playground where there was an adult was feeding two ducks. The kids were more fascinated by the ducks than by me and my camera.

The second shoot will be on an upcoming Sunday when there will be a barbecue after the worship service. I hope for another day of great weather and a lot of vibrant activity. I look forward to sharing some of those photos with you.

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