Emotion Portraits

The third assignment for my digital portrait class at SVA was an in-class project where we used studio lighting to create portraits conveying specific emotions. (See the previous posts on Assignment 1 and Assignment 2.)

ASSIGNMENT 3: Your challenge is to make two portraits during our class. Begin by creating a portrait by selecting a quality of light to communicate an emotion that your model will convey. Then make an additional portrait of the person that reflects the opposite feelings.

Our group chose to convey shock and hopefulness. The lighting setups above show the how we decided to light the portraits. For shock, we chose a keylight with no diffusion to create a hard shadow, and a second light with a snoot for a hairlight. The keylight was at a 45-degree angle above and to the side of the model to create Rembrandt lighting. For hopefulness, we chose softer, diffused lighting, using a keylight on the right and a fill light at reduced power on the left. Thank you to classmates/models Marina (shock) and Andy (hopefulness).


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