Textile Photography

A friend who is a textile enthusiast is considering starting her own blog. She asked me to photograph one of her favorite pieces so she could illustrate her writing. Not having much experience with product photography, I was eager to try. I was pleased with the results, and even more so when she raved that the photo looks better than the original.

I laid the rug fragment on the floor and mounted my camera on my tripod with the center rod extended parallel to the floor. I mounted my speedlight on a lightstand with a 60-inch umbrella at about 45 degrees to the object. I placed a white reflector on the other side. I first photographed a gray card to set a custom white balance, then I placed the gray card in the frame so I could adjust the color balance later in Photoshop. I was satisfied with the first few shots, so I downloaded the images to my computer and selected one to work on.

I adjusted the colors based on the gray card in the frame, sharpened the image, and silhouetted it. It was encouraging how well it went, and I look forward to trying to photograph other objects to see what kinds of challenges different objects present. I found it both easier and more difficult than photographing people!


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