Favorite Portraits

I’ve begun a photography course at School of Visual Arts on the Digital Portrait, taught by Dina Kantor. I hope to hone my skills at portraiture, especially the technical aspects of color correction and retouching in Photoshop. There will be periodic assignments which students are to post on their blogs for review by the class. I thought my existing photography blog would be a great way to complete the assignments and share more information about my photography with my regular readers, too. I look forward to your feedback.

ASSIGNMENT 1: Post a sampling (3-5) of your favorite portraits to your blog. Write a sentence or two about why you find them successful. If the portraits were made by other artists, please be sure to credit them.

These are not superficial portraits. The fact that the subjects do not smile reveals complex emotions and thought processes going on below the surface. The separation from the background highlights the intensity in each subject. The three models who look into the lens engage with the viewer and create a dialogue; the two that don’t look into the lens create a story to be played out by the viewer. Either way I feel some personal connection with each subject. I want to know what they are thinking or what they are trying to tell me.

I found it easier to choose portraits from my work than to edit out five portraits from all my favorite photographers. At the moment, I really admire the portraits of Robert Bergman, who just had two shows in New York (Yossi Milo Gallery and PS1) and one at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Upon seeing my portraits on my website, someone I know pointed out that I would like Bergman’s work, and she was right. I hope that someday I’ll be as good at portraiture as he is.


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