Injured My Leg but Saved My Camera

I hope everyone had a better Thanksgiving than I did. My older brother was hosting at his home in Maryland. When I arrived early in the day, he and my dad were at the firing range. Soon my younger brother arrived, and he had brought his guns, as well. This scares me, actually, but I thought a photo of my brother and his shotgun could be a good addition to my body of work, “Mask-ulinity.” Just as our photo shoot got rolling, I took a step down an incline, slipped on a wet stone, and spent the next few hours in the emergency room. It was a partially torn quadriceps, and with lots of ice and immobilization I’m already healing. I should be back to normal in about four weeks. It all happened in slow motion, and as far as I can remember, I didn’t even hit the ground. Maybe it was an unconscious reflex to save my camera.

I had come prepared to make a family portrait for my sister-in-law to give to her mother as an 80th birthday present. After a false start in the living room, we found a better location in the basement. It was my first time photographing a group portrait. It’s not exactly studio quality, but I guess it’s not bad. Still, I think I’d rather stick with fine art photography.


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