A Day at the Beach


It was perfect beach weather in Asbury Park. I think these photos from the beach and boardwalk prove that it was worth the risk of sand in my lens!


2 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. It’s nice to see such wonderful photographs. Dad always got excited when he saw some of his work displayed in public so he knows how you feel, seeing that billboard with your photo that so many members of the public can view.
    The photos are really great. I particularly liked the abstracts. Also the faces of the people in your portrait collection.
    Are you using Photoshop to enhance your shots?
    Keep up the good work!!!

    Mom & Dad

    • Yes, I use Photoshop to process my RAW files, and I usually make minor contrast and color corrections to apply my more human perception of my vision over the mechanical way the camera captured the scene for me. I sometimes remove imperfections in the scene that I would have removed before making the photo if I could. For instance, if there was a traffic cone or sign that I could have actually removed, I feel justified in cloning that out of the photo for a better work of art. However, if my purpose is photojournalism, I will not retouch an image in this manner.

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